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Soft Baked Biscotti Cookies

If you love cookies, but are on the fence about biscotti, look no further than Bailey's Dozen Cookie Company! Our delicious, hand-crafted, soft-baked Italian biscotti cookies will definitely change your mind. We took our Nonni's traditional twice baked recipe and tweaked it to another level of deliciousness! The soft-baked difference is a unique slightly crunchy consistency...Dunk your cookie or don't!  

 All natural ingredients are combined in small batches and formed by hand 
old fashioned Italian Grandma style.


Maraschino cherries, almond slivers and
white chocolate chips

sweet dried cranberries, almond slivers and 
a pinch of citrus zest

Candied pecans and cinnamon swirled, maple-flavored dough

flavored biscotti cookies
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